How To Make a Successful Career Change

Making a career change is a big deal. It costs time, effort, as well as money. To some people, these factors could be worth the career change. When you decide to make a career change, you really have to think it through and prepare for the transition, so how do you make a successful career […]

How Online Courses Can Help Your Career

As an employee, we strive to continue moving down our career paths by acquiring new skills. By learning new things, it helps you get ahead of your career. How? Acquiring new skills or knowledge is vital especially now that technology keeps changing. To be able to stay relevant and valuable to your company, you have […]

5 Non-Traditional Ways to Promote Yourself for a Job

Are you having little luck finding a job? Do you want to try other methods aside from the traditional job search method? Conventional job searches required that a potential employer announces to the world (either through an ad or a recruiter) that an employee is needed and then you, the prospective employee, responds. Now, it’s […]

How To Negotiate Your Salary Raise

Negotiating your salary can be a tricky situation. Some people enjoy negotiation, while others struggle. However, just like networking, negotiation is a vital part of your work career. If you have been planning or contemplating about how you can negotiate your salary raise but don’t know how we’ve got some useful tips that can help […]

The Best Productivity Tools For Work

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Netflix, these are just some of the reasons behind why employees lose productivity and precious time that should’ve been allocated for work. Because of technology, specifically the internet, it is so easy to get distracted and lose focus on work. We all know that loss of productivity is not only bad […]

Interview Tips For People Over 40

When you’re over forty, finding a job can feel more difficult than it used to be. If you’re over 40, how can you avoid feeling like your age is hindering your job hunt and how can you increase your chance of acing an interview? Interview Tips For People Over 40 If you’re over forty and […]

How To Prepare for an Online Interview

As more companies embrace technology, the traditional way of interviewing a potential employee is also changing. Nowadays, it’s normal for a company to conduct an interview over the internet because it’s efficient and cost saving. If you’re expecting an online interview soon or and want to be prepared, read on. What To Expect in an […]

Advantages of Working with a Temp Agency

Whether you’ve just graduated from college and had limited work experience, needing funds for school/rent, or just plain testing what kind of organization/job you will fit into; doing short-term work with a temp agency might be one of the best ideas. Often overlooked, there are actually a lot of advantages working with a temp agency. […]