Tips for Successful Networking, Part 1

While networking is an important skill as you seek your next career position, not everyone is comfortable with the process or sure they’re getting the most out of it. In this week’s blog post, we’ll define networking and look at how it provides key benefits for every employee, regardless of their career stage. To begin, […]

Tips for Successful Networking, Part 2

Networking can serve as a powerful strategy as you seek your next career position. In fact, effective networking can help you become more successful in many aspects of your professional life. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your networking experience. First, create your contact list. Consider every category of acquaintance, including […]

Negotiating a Job Offer That Makes Everyone Happy, Part 1

Getting a job offer represents the exciting culmination of what’s often an exhaustive effort. And while you’re thrilled and relieved when the offer comes in, it’s important to remember that the most difficult part of the job search process is just beginning—making a good decision and negotiating the best employment deal you can. Once an […]

Negotiating a Job Offer That Makes Everyone Happy, Part 2

When you’re getting ready to negotiate the best offer possible, keep in mind the “3 R’s of Negotiating.” Specifically: Remember why the company wants to hire you, Remind the employer of why you’re a perfect fit for the work and the benefits you’ll bring, and Request what you want and need. Next, keep in mind […]

Recruiters and Candidates: Working Together for Mutual Success

If you’re ready for your next career opportunity, working with a professional recruiter can make your prospects for success more likely. In this blog post we’ll look at the benefits of working with recruiters and the role they play in the job search process. Retained by hiring managers, a recruiter’s number one goal is to […]

Video Series Offers Food for Thought to Job Seekers

If networking is your best friend as you go through the job search process, the Internet is a close second. Social media platforms provide a great way to learn about or connect with people who can help you as you seek your next position, numerous websites list job openings in your community, and you can […]

Hiring from Outside vs. Promoting from Within: How to Make the Choice

You’ve gotten approval for a new position. Congratulations! One of the decisions you may face is whether to go with an internal or external candidate. Keeping that in mind, there are some key considerations as you decide which option is right for a specific job opening. Of course, one of the biggest factors in any […]

5 Ways to Achieve Employee Happiness

Many employees spend more time at work each week than they do at home (waking time at least). So it makes sense that employees would want to spend their time working at a place that makes them happy. Happy employees make good business sense too. In an analysis of multiple studies, Harvard Business Review found […]

Recruitment Best Practices: The Application Process

In a competitive job market companies often receive hundreds of applications for one open position. New data by Glassdoor indicates that a corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes, on average. Only four to six of these people will be called for an interview so that one candidate can ultimately be selected for the job. Applicant […]