7 Qualities of An Effective Team Player

In sports, a company, or even a household, the more effective the team, the happier the individuals. Depending on each one’s capabilities or specialization any weight can be tackled if each one will be carrying their share. Being a team player is also one of the most prominent traits or job skills that employer usually […]

How To Bounce Back From Job Loss

It can feel disappointing to lose your job. However, at some point in our life, it may happen, and it’s normal – a lot of people experience this. About 1.5% of people in work become unemployed every three months due to varying reasons. The only consolation that you must consider is that you’ve done your […]

8 Strategies To Improve Your Job Performance

Underperforming or not meeting your boss’ expectations can be worrisome. After all, having a job is one of the top priorities of a lot of people – mainly to sustain a living, support a family or for personal improvement. Naturally, in every job you attend to, it should be given the proper focus based on […]

How To Ace Your Preliminary Interview

  You’ve just landed your preliminary interview, congratulations! But, now what? Aside from creating a strong resume (you can read more about our recent post “How To Create A Resume That Will Get You Hired” for more details), a successful interview is one of the biggest factors for employers to see if you’re a fit […]

How To Create A Resume That Will Get You Hired

  Formulating a resume can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re a fresh graduate with little experience. However, whether you just came out from a university, or you’re already working and you’re applying for a new job, creating a resume doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. Why Are Resumes So Imporertant? First of all, what […]

10 Quick Job Hunting Tips

Looking for a job can feel like a long and a tedious process. Your patience can feel tested if you have to exert a lot of effort, patience, or money to land your dream job. And understandably, if you’ve been job hunting for quite a while and haven’t gotten any results, you might feel defeated. […]

Tips for Successful Networking, Part 1

While networking is an important skill as you seek your next career position, not everyone is comfortable with the process or sure they’re getting the most out of it. In this week’s blog post, we’ll define networking and look at how it provides key benefits for every employee, regardless of their career stage. To begin, […]

Tips for Successful Networking, Part 2

Networking can serve as a powerful strategy as you seek your next career position. In fact, effective networking can help you become more successful in many aspects of your professional life. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your networking experience. First, create your contact list. Consider every category of acquaintance, including […]

Negotiating a Job Offer That Makes Everyone Happy, Part 1

Getting a job offer represents the exciting culmination of what’s often an exhaustive effort. And while you’re thrilled and relieved when the offer comes in, it’s important to remember that the most difficult part of the job search process is just beginning—making a good decision and negotiating the best employment deal you can. Once an […]

Negotiating a Job Offer That Makes Everyone Happy, Part 2

When you’re getting ready to negotiate the best offer possible, keep in mind the “3 R’s of Negotiating.” Specifically: Remember why the company wants to hire you, Remind the employer of why you’re a perfect fit for the work and the benefits you’ll bring, and Request what you want and need. Next, keep in mind […]