How To Achieve A Better Work-Life Balance

Nowadays achieving a decent work-life balance can seem like a dream, mostly because of technology, which has made us easier to be accessible 24/7. In a study conducted by American Sociological Review, seventy percent of Americans struggle to find an acceptable balance between family and work life and the number seems to be continually growing […]

Increase Your Visibility At Work With These 5 Tips

With the competitive job market, skills are not just the only requisite to get ahead in your career. In our article, “8 Ways To Speed Up Your Promotion”, we listed out eight ways how you can take your career to the next level. Now, we’re going to talk about the importance and how you can […]

How To Combat Employee Job Dissatisfaction

Job dissatisfaction is a serious matter in every company, it affects productivity and like a disease can spread and demoralize the workforce. However, it should not be a major problem as most of the causes of dissatisfaction can be corrected. Finding a solution to employees’ displeasure can remedy this issue and veer towards productivity which […]

4 Bad Work Habits To Break Right Now

Habits, we all have them. Some are good and should be cultivated, and then there are bad habits. Bad habits hold us back from climbing the career ladder and can make us look unprofessional. If you have an amazing set of skills but still fail to progress at work, it may be because of your […]

6 Strategies To Build Influence At Work

Whether you agree or not, having an influence at work has a lot of advantages. Professor and PowerMentor David LaChapelle wrote “If CEOs truly understood the power of their influence if used effectively and appropriately, considering their positional strength, many organizations would be stronger and more sustainable.” Acquiring and to build influence at work is […]

8 Ways To Speed Up Your Promotion

If you’ve been working for quite some time in your company and you feel that you’re ready to climb the corporate ladder, there are a lot of ways to move upward. While your promotion might not happen overnight, you can shorten the regular time frame and speed up your promotion. What Does It Take To […]

5 Habits That Build Good Working Relationships

Having extraordinary skills or good education is not enough in every workplace, it must be followed and reinforced by a healthy working relationship with your colleagues. As mentioned in our previous article, “8 Strategies To Improve Your Job Performance” – having a harmonious and respectful relationship with your colleagues can actually improve your job performance. […]

10 Highly Desired Job Skills You Should Learn

In any job you want to acquire (or currently have), you need a certain set of skills to perform your duties effectively. You can acquire this by having an excellent foundation – your knowledge from school, past experiences, or courses. Meanwhile, in a competitive job market, the better your skill set, the more you’re able […]

7 Qualities of An Effective Team Player

In sports, a company, or even a household, the more effective the team, the happier the individuals. Depending on each one’s capabilities or specialization any weight can be tackled if each one will be carrying their share. Being a team player is also one of the most prominent traits or job skills that employer usually […]

How To Bounce Back From Job Loss

It can feel disappointing to lose your job. However, at some point in our life, it may happen, and it’s normal – a lot of people experience this. About 1.5% of people in work become unemployed every three months due to varying reasons. The only consolation that you must consider is that you’ve done your […]